Royal Bahamas Police Force

The Royal Bahamas Police Force is the primary line of defence and protection for Bahamian citizens. As such, the members of the Force deserve the full support and cooperation of the Government and of all citizens in the execution of their responsibilities. Regrettably, the Government did not live up to its responsibility to our Police Force prior to 1992, when an understaffed, inadequaltely trained, poorly equipped Force was required to provide police services against increasingly sophisticated, well-funded criminal elements in The Bahamas.

Since coming to Office in 1992, the Free National Movement has undertaken substantial action to upgrade and enhance both the manpower and the material condition of the police force, by increasing the number of police recruits, upgrading and expanding training and re-training programmes available at the Police College for recruits, junior and mid-level police officers; increasing the police vehicle fleet and upgrading the police garage; opening two new police stations (at Nassau and Meeting Streets and at Wulff Road in the vicinity of Mackey Street) and undertaking the construction of a third station in eastern New Providence at Elizabeth Estates and Colony Village; upgrading, during 1997, the police communication system; the grant of long overdue promotions to deserving officers and increased salaries to serving police officers; and improving the conditions of service of police officers, including legislation to provide for a Police Association and an extension of the mandatory retirement age of police officers.

To build upon these accomplishments in a second term the FNM Government will:

  • Complete the upgrade of the police communication system.
  • Achieve and maintain a Police complement of no less than 2,500 officers.
  • Provide upgraded training, locally and internationally, for junior and senior police officers in criminal investigation, forensic, ballistic and crime scene investigation techniques.
  • Increase opportunities for training attachments in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America for senior officers likely to hold command posts.
  • Enhance insurance coverage for all Police Officers.
  • Complete the review of police salary scales and increase the salaries of police officers.
  • Further enhance fairness in promotion exercises of the Police Force.
  • Establish an independent, civilian Police Board to hear appeals from disciplinary decisions by the Commissioner of Police.
  • Accelerate Community Policing programmes throughout New Providence, Grand Bahama and the larger Family Islands.
  • In New Providence

  • Construct a multipurpose auditorium to be utilised for Seminars, Banquets and as a Gymnasium.
  • Construct separate dormitory facilities for single male and female officers.
  • In Grand Bahama

  • Construct a Police Administrative building
  • Construct a housing complex for married officers.
  • Construct dormitory facilities for single male and female officers.
  • Establish a satellite forensic unit.
  • In Abaco

  • Construct a Police and Fire Station at Marsh Harbour.
  • Construct separate dormitories for single male and female officers.
  • In Eleuthera

  • Construct separate dormitories for single male and female officers.