For the First time ever! You can be a part of Junkanoo.

The biggest National Festival of the Bahamas. The Junkanoo Parade is held twice a year, December 26th, boxing day and January 1st New Years Day. It is the most exciting display of Art and Culture in the world, displaying elaborate and colorful costumes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Let's go!!!

Get involve, Get involve!

Junkanoo Fest '97, allows you to join in the fun. Be a part of history. Learn to 'rush with the 'group', dancing, lickin' cow bells, beatin da goat skin drums and blowin the horns in the streets. Having the best time of your life! Look - a - you !

Book Your Space early to avoid disappointments!

The parade starts at 2:00am! "Ooh!, Ooh!, Junkanoo"! There are 15 major groups vying for top prize! The competition has begun! Listen to the pulsating sounds of the horns and whistles, feel the rhythm 'a da goat skin drums' and listen to the 'lickin' a da bells'. Let your hair down....Come rush with us! Adorne yourself in a colorful costume befitting a king. Hang out with Junkanoo groups like One Family, The Explorers, Saxons, Valley Boys, Musical Kings and Roots. Work dat body to da rhythm! Most of all have Fun...Fun....Fun....Fun

There are no rules, but we suggest...

To be a part of this fun filled and exciting event 'lick da cow bell'