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The Exciting and Varied
Hotels of The Bahamas

As a large archipelago,
The Bahamas is a destination with many beautiful faces. Enhancing the many aspects of our country is a great variety in hotels. The selection ranges from the small, intimate properties to the mega resorts of 700 to 1,200 rooms.

Charming Small Resorts
Hotels of fewer than 60 rooms to as few as five (more than a hundred of them) are a charming characteristic of The. Bahamas Family Island properties. A stay at one of these resorts permits a delightful, albeit temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world.

Hotels of this size have permitted picturesque small settlements throughout the Bahamian archipelago to share in the benefits of development, without losing their cultural integrity.

In addition, our small Family Island hotels offer intimacy, but all have easy access to some village that provides most of the modern conveniences: a post office and, in most cases, a bank, a beauty salon and excellent small restaurants, where most of what you will encounter is authentically Bahamian.

These properties most often specialize in easy access to excellent beaches, good fishing and diving programs, as well as marina facilities for yachtsmen. Most facilities in this category are frequently owner operated or run by a manager in residence. The guest is almost certainly assured of the personalized service that accounts for the high rate of repeat, upscale, often titled guest on these properties.

Similar facilities in the major urban areas of Freeport/Lucaya and Nassau Cable Beach Paradise Island allow visitors to "have their cake and eat it, too". Guests can enjoy many of the best aspects of the Family Island properties and still have ready access to all the glamour, entertainment, shopping and variety that a very modern city offers.

Dazzling Mega Resorts
At the other end of the spectrum are the giant properties to be found in Freeport/Lucaya and in Nassau Cable Beach Paradise Island, which encompass complete resorts.

Here the guest will find all the amenities of the super hotel. The impressive array of facilities include drugstores, most often a bank, shops offering designer fashions, jewelry, and souvenirs.

Dining is made especially pleasureable by extensive and versatile kitchens of these resorts and their several autonomous restaurants where the chefs are mainly well-trained Bahamians and Europeans with varied repertoires.

Guests with a passion for the outdoor life and fitness will find excellent sports programs and facilities on site, including gyms, golf, tennis, watersports programs and access to fishing.
Most of the major hotels provide special programs for children which free parents for reasonable periods to pursue adult pleasures. Children are looked after by professionals who supervise land and water games and organize activities such as nature trails and crab races that delight the very young.
The guest whose penchant is for glamorous night life will appreciate the state-of-the-art discos, the cabarets, the intimate bars and, in some places, the delicatessens that stay open until the wee hours of the morning to cater to appetites whetted by hours of dancing or tense play at the tables or the slots of one of the four casinos located in Freeport/ Lucaya (two), on Cable Beach (one) and on Paradise Island (one).
Excellent meeting and convention facilities have allowed The Bahamas to compete for and frequently win many of the prestigious, international conferences.

Best of Both Worlds
Occupying a very special place between the hotels of several hundred rooms and the very small hotels are the properties of about 250-500 rooms, which were once the "big" hotels before the emergence of the mega resorts.

Such facilities allow visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds: They offer a measure of the intimacy and the familiarity that are attractions of the small hotels combined with the full range of amenities of large hotels, but on a less grandiose scale.

Among the 700 islands of The Bahamas, there is always at least one of this country's 209 licensed hotels to suit the taste of nearly every stopover visitor. Our excellent hotels are without doubt an important part of the attraction of The Bahamas vacation experience.

By E. John Deleveaux

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